4 Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Implants


Dental implants have been around for several years, but they are getting safer and cheaper all the time. If you have missing teeth and would like to have those gaps filled, dental implants could be an effective option. Here are four reasons to consider getting implants instead of caps, crowns, or dentures.

1. Your Dentist Recommends Implants

No one knows your dental health better than your dentist, if you have been getting routine checkups and needed treatment over a period of time. If your dentist recommends dental implants over other options, then he or she likely has good reasons that can be explained to you. Of course, you may want to get a second opinion from another dentist, but give your own practitioner’s words some serious thought.

2. You Want a Secure Solution

Caps, crowns, fillings, and reconstruction all have a place in contemporary dental treatment for chipped, broken, or badly decayed teeth. However, your dentist may feel that some of these alternative options are not the best solutions for your dental issues. For example, a tooth that already has substantial fillings might be more likely to crack or break down if even more filling is applied. Crowns are usually effective and long-lasting, but sometimes they pop off and must later be replaced. Dentures can be difficult to adjust to for eating and speaking, although most users find a measure of comfort over time. Implants are secured in the jawbone as a permanent anchor to replace the missing tooth. Implants can come loose or eventually fail, but they are lasting many years or a lifetime for many people. Learn more by visiting the Build Your Smile website.

3. You are Looking for Convenience and Comfort

Dental implants, when finally placed and the patient has gotten used to them, usually feel very natural. Many people report not noticing them at all while eating or speaking. They feel and look natural, and as stated above, often last for years. Dentures or partial dentures are removed and cleaned daily. Caps have to be monitored during surgery so they don’t come loose and choke you. Implants are fine on their own.

4. You are Not a Suitable Candidate for Other Options

Although some patients might prefer one of the other treatments for missing or deteriorating teeth, those treatments might not be right for their dental or medical condition. Implants could be the only or best solution to your dental issues. Discuss all options with your dentist for complete details.

Replacement teeth using implantation works very well for most dental patients. Discuss your needs and preferences with the dentist to see if this approach is best for you.

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