4 Important Considerations When Deciding on Dental Implants


So, you either lost a tooth or were forced to have it removed. This can be traumatizing and embarrassing. But, dental techniques have given birth to a wonderful invention of dental implants. Implants are permanent replacements of the tooth and tooth root that are adhered to the jawbone.

1. Functionality and Appearance

Implants can help a person correct speech difficulties that are caused by missing teeth. If you have chosen to use removable dentures, these can sometimes slip and make it difficult to speak. Implants are not moveable and will not move around your mouth. This makes it easier to speak

Damage that may be caused using other restorative is eliminated when choosing implants. This is because implants are like regular teeth and do not rely on other teeth to make them successful. Unlike dentures and dental bonding, implants require a surgical procedure. Furthermore, it causes swelling and discomfort – although that will not last very long.

Physical appearance can be improved with these permanent tooth replacements. This can increase confidence and reduce the embarrassment of missing teeth, especially in the front.

2. How Long Will They Last

Implants are designed to last longer than other procedures. Compared to dental bonding and dentures, implants can last significantly longer. This is great because replacements might never be needed and if they are, it will not be for a long time. The Build Your Smile website has more relevant information and resources available on their website.

3. How Strong are They

The bite strength of implants is very similar to that of natural teeth. Compared to dentures, which only give a person half the bite strength of original teeth, implants provide assurance and performance. It will be like using your own teeth and you might not see any difference between the implants and your other teeth. This makes it easier to eat more foods with confidence.

4. Cost

Permanent implants tend to cost more than other procedures. The price can be significantly higher than dental bonding, or even dentures. However, you do need to consider how long each procedure will last and compare that against the cost. You may need to replace the top part of the implant, or the crown. While the implant itself might last for a longer time, the crown may need to be replaced sooner. And, of course, this comes with a cost.

Research is needed to make sure you find a qualified professional. You cannot just go with what is the most inexpensive. Different dentists will use different quality implants. The last thing you want to do is spend all the money only to find out it will not last as long because of a substandard product. Dental implants can help restore confidence and function of a person’s mouth, resulting in a greater satisfaction opposed to alternative solutions. It is important to research and weight the advantages and disadvantages of implants, so you can make an educated decision.

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